We went home for three weeks to Winnipeg at Christmas and had a super visit with family and friends.  It was a real Winnipeg winter, which means there were few brass monkeys to be found, and we really enjoyed the break from the rain in Paris.  Scott loved the snow.  Click here for more Christmas images. Scott in snow
We spent new year's eve (click for for more pictures) with Vicki's family at Elkhorn Lodge, north of Winnipeg.  As you can see from the picture the location was super (click on the picture and you can see a blow up of it).  It was Vicki's Mom's 80th and a great time.
The whole family was there.  Here is the big photo we took just as we were heading out from the main lodge to our cabin (click for a zoom).
It goes without saying that getting an appropriate gift for someone like Mrs. Guy is well nigh impossible.  So the kids all put their jheads together and made this collage (click to see blow up) of her and her extended family. dd